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Paste and Plum Varieties for 2016



Ernie’s Plump (80 days) An Italian saucer tomato that cooks down to the reddest, richest, most flavourful sauce ever! But just as delicious straight out of the garden. 8-12 oz fruits are a most unique shape: “plump” double pears with a tiny blossom scar. Extreme producer. A very popular plum type.


Federle  (85 days)A long narrow paste tomato with very few seeds that does extremely well in drought conditions. Rich and full tasting, it is one of our staple tomatoes for sauces, salsas and canning. Indeterminate.


Gilbertie Paste (85 days) A long, narrow paste tomato with thick meaty flesh that is perfect for sauces, salsas, canning and grilling. Full rich taste. A favourite in our garden. Indeterminate.


Kenosha (80 days) Red paste type fruit, 6-8 oz. High yield with outstanding excellent flavour, very meaty with few seeds. Ind.


Orange Banana (85 days) An abundance of 3”-4” paste tomatoes that have an incredible tangy sweetness. We eat these fresh, and use them for sauces and salsas. They also keep well, and ripen well the house. Green tomatoes harvested at last frost will ripen in the house until December! Indeterminate.


Napoli (80 days) Red, plum “Roma” type great for sauces. Solid, thick walled and flavourful. 2 oz pear shaped tangy fruits in abundance. Det.


Polish Linguisa  (73 days) Polish immigrants brought this variety to New York in the late 1800s. Regular leaf vigorous plants that yield 10 oz. 2″ diameter sausage shaped fruit that are bright red, meaty and very sweet for a paste tomato. Good for sauces, salads, fresh eating, drying or freezing. Will produce until frost. Indeterminate.


Rocky (75 days) An incredibly large paste tomato, each meaty fruit growing to 6” long.  Full flavoured, they are perfect for sauces, but delicious enough to eat fresh. Ind.


Roma (75 days) Long renowned for delicious sauces and pastes, the classic Roma tomato has a heavy yield, meaty flesh with few seeds, and excellent taste and texture. Compact vines. Det.


San Marzano (78 days) This Italian heirloom traced back to the 1700s is perhaps the best known paste tomato in the Italian community. A compact and prolific producer of bright red, 3 inch fruit over a long season, this plum type tomato has heavy walls with few seed so it’s great for tomato sauce. The San Marzano tomato is reputed to be the only tomato that can be used for sauce on a true Neapolitan pizza. Indeterminate.