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The Gardens at Russet House Farm are slowly being transitioned along permaculture lines. Fruit and nut trees are being planted, swales are being dug and beds are being created on contour. A wide variety of vegetables and pollinator plants are cultivated; produce that is not eaten fresh is dried, canned or stored in the root cellar for winter use.



A pond was dug in 2015 to catch water from the roof of an outbuilding to augment the other water catchment systems that are already in place. All watering is done by hand. The use of swales and wood chips for mulch has greatly decreased the need for watering.



We operate on the principle that the garden should be a home for all creatures. Pests are controlled, therefore by using exclusion (row covers), timed plantings, and beneficial insects attracted by pollinator plants. Occasionally insects are hand picked and fed to the chickens.