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Container Varieties for 2016



Baxter’s Bush Cherry (60 days) Very tasty 1″ bright red cherry. Great for snacking or salads. Vigorous and productive. Determinate growth habit with eliminated the need for staking. Works well in the topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate.


Beaverlodge Slicer (55 days) Very early, with a wonderful sweet/tart taste. Plants are loaded with smooth blemish-free fruit. Perfect for containers or hanging baskets. Determinate.


Black Cherry (64 days) This dark  1” tomato is a pure burst of delicious smoky flavour, especially when eaten straight off the vine.  Large, vigorous plants, indeterminate.


Brookpact ( 60 days) This early red is good for those with limited space. Plants tend to be small and neat but produce lots of large 6-10 oz fruit.


Chadwick’s Cherry (72 days) An heirloom variety that has been grown for over 100 years. Plants produce high yields of small 1” red cherry tomatoes which grow in clusters. Sweet-tart flavour. Perfect for snacking or salads. Indeterminate.


Droplet (60 days) Very productive small red fruit; about an inch long with a point on the bottom. Perfect for salads, can easily be grown in large pots. Determinate.


Gold Nuggett Cherry (54 days) This extra early variety produces prolific quantities of golden 1″ oval cherry tomatoes that have a deliciously complex yet sweet flavour. A great snacking tomato. Indeterminate.


Kalinka  (50 days) A Belarussian tomato that is very early and productive. The red blemish free fruit are medium size and are produced in clusters. This nice flavoured regular leafed tomato is popular for fresh eating and early canning and a good variety for container growing. Determinate.


Manitoba (60 days) Developed in Manitoba, this 6 oz bright red tomato is very smooth with a slightly flattened appearance. Bush-like plants are very productive yet stay relatively small.  Resistant to cracking. Good for the topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate – so does not need staking.


Mountain Princess  (68 days) These orangey red and perfectly round 8-10 oz fruits have a lovely mild tomato flavour. Very productive plants bear quickly and ripen early; – great for short, cool seasons. Works well in containers. Grown for generations in the Monongahela National Forest region of West Virginia. Determinate.


Scotia (60 days) This Canadian-bred small bush variety produces heavy yields of medium-sized fruit in short season areas. A beautiful early tomato with a lovely sweet flavour. Popular for using the unripe tomatoes to make the famous Maritime Green Tomato Relish. Determinate.


Siberian (55 days) This small tomato variety sets fruit early. Bright red juicy fruit  with weights from 2-5 oz. Good for topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate- so needs no staking.