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Cherry and Salad Varieties for 2016



Baxter’s Bush Cherry (60 days) Very tasty 1″ bright red cherry. Great for snacking or salads. Vigorous and productive. Determinate growth habit with eliminated the need for staking. Works well in the topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate.


Black Cherry (64 days) This dark  1” tomato is a pure burst of delicious smoky flavour, especially when eaten straight off the vine.  Large, vigorous plants, indeterminate.


Brown Cherry (75 days) A rich bronze coloured Russian heirloom producing heavy yields of golf-ball sized fruit. Its great flavour has won many taste tests.. Indeterminate.


Chadwick’s Cherry (72 days) An heirloom variety that has been grown for over 100 years. Plants produce high yields of small 1” red cherry tomatoes which grow in clusters. Sweet-tart flavour. Perfect for snacking or salads. Indeterminate.


Droplet (60 days) Very productive small red fruit; about an inch long with a point on the bottom. Perfect for salads, can easily be grown in large pots. Determinate.

Garden Peach  (78 days) An heirloom from Peru, this regular leaf plant returns a high yield of small round 2 – 4 ” yellow peachy blush fruit with peach like fuzz on fruit and leaves. Excellent refreshing sweet flavour. Good keeper. Indeterminate.


Gardener’s Delight (70 days) Large red cherry tomato with good yields in clusters on a large plant. Very sweet and juicy. Indeterminate.


Ghost Cherry  A nice very pale variety about 1-1/2 oz. Pick before they turn yellow. Lovely delicate flavour – low acid. Indeterminate.



Golden Cherry (63 days) Incredibly sweet small cherry tomatoes in abundance, perfect for snacking on in the garden, sprinkling on salads or pasta. Indeterminate.

Gold Nuggett Cherry (54 days) This extra early variety produces prolific quantities of golden 1″ oval cherry tomatoes that have a deliciously complex yet sweet flavour. A great snacking tomato. Indeterminate.


Green Grape  (70 days) Ripe green-yellow 1” tomatoes in abundant grape-like clusters of 6-12 tomatoes. Pleasant sweet-tart taste with little seed. Does well in dry conditions; easy but untidy growth. Semi-indeterminate.


Jaune Flamme (70 days) Prolific French heirloom that bears in clusters of 9 or 10, beautiful, 1-1/2 inch, round golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange coloured inside and out. A delicious, tangy, full-bodied flavour that is great for snacking and salads. I consider this the best tasting tomato we grow. Indeterminate.


Lemon Drop (60 days) Miniature yellow cherry tomatoes with good eating quality-contrasts nicely with the red cherry types. Vigorous vines. Indeterminate.


Matt’s Wild Cherry (60 days) A very sweet tiny tomato. Grows wild in eastern Mexico. This vining plant will sprawl sometimes 6 ft so this variety requires space or trellis support. Some blight resistance. Indeterminate.



Osu Blue Early. Not technically an heirloom, this tomato was developed to be high in anthocyanin (found in blueberries).  Lovely 2” tomatoes, are blue all season and ready when the bottom turns a deep red. Very productive and very tasty. Indeterminate.


Red Fig (75 days) A tomato that yields hundreds of small pear-shaped red tomatoes with a wonderful sweet flavour – perfect for snacking or in salads. This heirloom has been grown since the 18th century. Derives its name from the traditional manner of processing with a sugar syrup, then dried and stored as a substitute for figs. Indeterminate.


Stupice (50-60 days) A 2 inch plum shaped fruit which grows in clusters. A Czechoslovakian heirloom which is good for eating fresh, in salads or for drying. Very early and continues to produce all season. Excellent flavour. Indeterminate.


Sweet Orange (70 days) Huge crops of 1” orange round cherries, prolific. Very flavourful and crack resistant. Indeterminate.


Thai Pink Egg  (60 days) Delicious grape tomato from Thailand. Brilliant pink 1 oz fruits grow in clusters with good yields for many weeks. A very special heirloom producing true pink oval fruit perfect for snacks or salads. Indeterminate.


Tigerella (70 days) Lovely striped golf ball size fruit. Sweet, juicy,  incredible flavour. Red skin with yellow-orange stripes. A favourite in many gardens. Indeterminate.


Yellow Cherry (75 days) A productive yellow cherry tomato with 6 ft. vines. Excellent sweet taste, like eating candy! Indeterminate.


Yellow Pear  (75-80 days) Very old variety, known since the early 1800s, low in acid and easy to grow. Fruits are pear-shaped, sweet and juicy. Productive with long, rambling 6 ft. vines. Indeterminate.


Yellow Perfection (65 days) These potato-leafed plants produce  an abundance of 2″ bright yellow cherry salad tomatoes that just kept producing all season long. This is a rare British heirloom  Indeterminate.