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“Black,” Brown and Purple Varieties for 2016


Amazon Chocolate  (80 days) These potato leaf plants produce lots of gorgeous 3-4″ oval brownish garnet fruits with dusty purple tops. Flavour is outstanding; very intense and earthy with the perfect amount of sugars. Indeterminate.


Aunt Ginny’s Purple  ( 75-85 days) Some say the taste of this tomato rivals the great Pink Brandywine. Potato-leafed plants produce 12-16 oz reddish pink, sweet and juicy fruit. One of the most beautiful and interesting varieties with a great taste. Indeterminate.


Black Cherry (64 days) This dark  1” tomato is a pure burst of delicious smoky flavour, especially when eaten straight off the vine.  Large, vigorous plants, indeterminate.


Black Giant ( 80 days)  Seed savers have been raving about the flavour of this black beauty. The deep purple black fruit ranges from 4-14 oz with olive shoulders. This may be one of the darkest blacks. Hot summers intensify the interior colours of pink, rose, russet, grey and violet. Very good yield all summer. Indeterminate.


Black Krim (80 days) Russian tomato named for the isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Slightly flattened 4-5″ globes up to 1.5 lb with dark greenish black shoulders. Excellent slightly smoky, salty flavour. Indeterminate.


Black Pineapple (aka Ananas Noire) (70 days)  GET NEW DESCRIPTIONIts colours are fantastic – shades of all – like the northern lights diffussing throughout its flesh. You have to try this one!! Indeterminate.SF GO


Brimmer (85 days) Prize winning large plants produce 8 oz pink/purple, meaty fruit. A low acid tomato with a good tomato flavour balance. Indeterminate.


Brown Cherry (75 days) A rich bronze coloured Russian heirloom producing heavy yields of golf-ball sized fruit. Its great flavour has won many taste tests.. Indeterminate.


Cherokee Chocolate  (70 days) Similar to Cherokee Purple, this tomato is a 12 oz fruit  with the characteristic dusky purple colouring with less green shouldering. Has a wonderful juicy sweet but tangy flavour.  Indeterminate.


Japanese Black Trifele (80 days) A Russian potato-leafed heirloom. One of the best tasting blacks with high yielding plants producing red-brown 6 oz fruit. This meaty pear-shaped fruit should be harvested while the shoulders are still green. Great in salads and for salsas. Indeterminate.


Osu Blue Early. Not technically an heirloom, this tomato was developed to be high in anthocyanin (found in blueberries).  Lovely 2” tomatoes, are blue all season and ready when the bottom turns a deep red. Very productive and very tasty. Indeterminate.


Paul Robeson (75 days) A Russian heirloom, named after the opera singer who was an advocate of equal rights for African Americans. Very dark-red 8 oz tomato with green shoulders. Complex with a sweet yet tangy, rich flavour. Indeterminate.


Pruden’s Purple  (67 days) This well known heirloom is often compared for flavour to the favourite Pink Brandywine. Large potato leaf vines produce lots of 1 lb slightly flattened, blemish free medium pink fruit with few seeds and excellent flavour. Resists cracking. Indeterminate.


Purple Dog Creek (80 days) Production is so high it is hard to keep them all picked. These 16-20 oz dusty purple tinged fruits are juicy and very flavoutful. The seed for this heirloom came from the Dog Creek area in Munfordville, Kentucky and was given to  James “Spud” Rainey at a local picnic by the town’s people to honour him for his missionary work. Indeterminate.